About Me

A retired Englishman of Huguenot ancestry living with his wife in Chelsea, London.

The content of this website reflects, in a series of blogs, my enthusiasms.

In my Art category I exhibit my Box Art, three dimensional collages acting as memory boxes, conceptual boxes influenced by James Cornell. Included is a brief history of box collages.

Under the “Create-It-Yourself” title I exhibit things I made from found objects sourced from beach-combing on holidays by the sea. These can act as an ideas bank to occupy children whilst on holiday, aided by a glue gun, very much “glue as a creative force”.

In the Chelsea category I feature what I call “Then & Now”, comparing old postcards of London’s Chelsea, circa 1900-1914, to the same view today together with a brief description. I also enclose a short article on the history of postcards.

I have a section on the Walks in Chelsea, featuring the King’s Road, Fulham Road and Embankment, including Cheyne Walk. Finally a History of Park Walk in Chelsea.

In the Egypt category, where we lived for a number of years, I feature a series of “Then & Nows” of Luxor and Cairo. A study of the Pyramids and Sphinx , titled; A Sphinxation with Pyramidology, detailing their continuin fascination.

And finally a diary of our travels.