Cairo Khan el Khalil Then and Now

The silk-mercers bazaar at El-Ghooreeyeh. By David Roberts 1838Bazaar in the Ghawriyya complex built 1503. Photograph 2018.Mosque of the Sultan Barqook by Robert hay, 1830Mosque of Barquq, built 1836The Minarets [ … ]

El Gouna Resort, Red Sea, Egypt

   From an old privately owned village in England to a new privately owned town on the Red Sea, El Gouna is an Integrated Tourist Resort on Egypt’s Red Sea [ … ]

The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt.

The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt Continuing my obsession with “then & now’s” I have done a series on Islamic Cairo, for example below the Citadel. First comparing a view from the [ … ]

The Obelisks of the Temple of Luxor

The Obelisks of the Temple of Luxor, Egypt. The additions by Rameses II to the Temple of Luxor included the First Pylon and Great Court at the northern end of [ … ]

Luxor, Egypt. Then and Now

Further blogs from our visit to Egypt for Christmas, a three day trip to Luxor, staying at the charming Jolie Ville Hotel overlooking the Nile. This time “then and now’s” with [ … ]

The Old American Cars of Cairo

The streets of Cairo have a surprising selection of period American cars, preserved by the dry climate and total lack of parking controls. The marvellous pink Cadillac still works, so [ … ]

Revolutionary Graffiti – Cairo, 2011

Wondering around the streets of Cairo during these revolutionary times I have found and photographed nearly 100 works of [street] art. It seems the graffiti art trend has spread! New artists [ … ]

Egyptian Elections 2011

We are spending the christmas period in Egypt – Christmas in Cairo then three days in Luxor, and New Year in the Fayoum. My first blog here is rather a [ … ]