Laos and Thailand

The Lady Elizabeth and the Lady Margaret inspecting the Wat Longkhun Temple on the opposite bank of the Mekong from Luang Prabang, Laos. “When the coronation of a King in [ … ]

Cambodia, Angor Wat

Angor Waw, early eveningDawn over the sacred lake, behind us were over a hundred tourists with cameras.Classic stupaA pair of headsAngor WatFrom a Temple in Bangkok ,ThailandRather hot, in front [ … ]


Dusk at Playa Largo from Vinola & Zuleida” hostel right on the beach. It is situated at the head of the famous Bay of Pigs where, in 1961, 1300 CIA [ … ]


View of the World Trade Centre in Dubai circa 1977, isolated in the middle of the Desert. I was in Dubai at the time building the leisure centre Al Nasr [ … ]


Views from the island of Birka, site of the ancient Viking town of Vikingstaden on Lake Malaren. Summer 2017.The site had the following poem called “The Forest Grove, Gimle”; She [ … ]


Fishing boat at Kassiopi, with, in the distance, the town of Sarande and snow capped mountains of Albania in the distance ‘each wearing its cracked crown of snow, desolate and [ … ]


Doric Temple at Segesta, built in 430 BCSegesta Temple by Thomas Cole, painted in 1843Temple of Hera at Selinunte, built in 470 BC but destroyed by the Carthaginians in 409 [ … ]

Thessaloniki Part 2

Thessaloniki The While Tower, built by the Ottoman Turks in the late 15 th. C and now the icon of the city. The only remaining mosque in the city, the [ … ]


Thessaloniki “Salonica, Historically Greek, politically Turkish, geographically Bulgarian, ethnographically Jewish”                                       Salonica, City [ … ]