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Chelsea, Then and Now, Contents of Posts on Blog

Chelsea, Then & Now
Contents of Posts on Blog

1 Kings Road                                                Sloane Square
2 Kings Road                                                Sloane Square
                                                            Sloane Street
                                                            Sloane Street 2
                                                            Lower Sloane Street
                                                            Chelsea Town hall
                                                            Peter Jones
                                                            Royal Avenue
                                                            Whitelands House
                                                            Whitelands 2
3 Kings Road                                                Oakley Street
                                                            Dr Phene’s House
                                                            Chelsea Palace of Varieties
4 Kings Road                                                Saatchi Gallery
                                                            Kings Road Dovehouse Street
5 Fulham Road                                    South Kensington station
                                                            South Kensington
                                                            St. Lukes
                                                            Pelham Crescent
                                                            Pelham Crescent 2
                                                            Sydney Place
                                                            Royal Marsden Hospital
                                                            Royal Marsden Hospital 2
                                                            Elm Park Gardens
                                                            Elm Park Gardens by Bratby
6 Embankment                                    Cheyne Row
                                                            Carlyle’s House
                                                            Upper Cheyne Row
                                                            Glebe Place 2
                                                            Manresa Road
                                                            Beaufort Street
                                                            Worlds End 2
7 Embankment                                    Cheyne Walk
                                                            Cheyne Walk
                                                            Lindsey House
                                                            Cheyne Walk
                                                            Tite Street 3
                                                            Royal Hospital Road
                                                            Chelsea Bridge 2
                                                            Chelsea Old Church
                                                            Café 2
                                                            Turner’s House 2
                                                            Embankment 2
                                                            Albert Bridge
8 Fulham Road                                    Hospital
                                                            Hollywood Road
                                                            Cathcart Road
                                                            Redcliffe Gardens
                                                            St. Lukes, Redcliffe Gardens
                                                            Drayton gardens
                                                            Priory Walk
                                                            Gilston Road
9 Earls Court                                                Earls Court Road
                                                            Barkston gardens
                                                            Great Wheel 3
                                                            Cromwell Road 3
                                                            Phillbeach gardens
                                                            St Philips, Earls Court
                                                            Wesleyen Chapel Earls Court
                                                            Nevern Square
                                                            Warwick Mansions EC
                                                            Kensington Square Gardens
                                                            Bolton Mansions Hotel

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Simon,

    I see that you are a Chelsea history buff. Would you be able to solve an architectural mystery which has stumped me and some Time Team followers?

    I hope so, please do let me know where I can message you.

    Thank you,


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