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Revolutionary Graffiti – Cairo, 2011

Wondering around the streets of Cairo during these revolutionary times I have found and photographed nearly 100 works of [street] art. It seems the graffiti art trend has spread! New artists copying the style of our Banksy, but in a revolutionary context. I asked my daughter-in-law, who is a strong supporter of the revolution, to translate some of the arabic on them, but didn’t have the time to get her to translate them all for me. Like i said, over 100 photos! Here are some of my favourites.


A collage of graffiti, with the universal expletive
The patched eye refers to the habit of the police of shooting demonstrators in the eye with their rubber bullets.
Reference to the shooting out of demonstrators eyes
The icon of the revolution, Crescent Moon of Islam and Cross of Christianity
“Know your enemy” A leading officer of the Junta, SCAF, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
The Lions of Kasr el Nil Bridge
” I want these cartridges and bullets thank you god”
“The revolution of the grand children will bring the glories”
“We are the People of Tahrir”
Alaa abdel Fattah, Imprisoned by the army, the sign says ‘No’ to the military courts
” we are not forgetting Tahrir”
I think this is the Egyptian girl who posted a nude picture of herself on Facebook
” no to military trails”
Gamal Mubarak
Brigadier General Tantawi, head of SCAF as dracula
Tantawi as a poodle of the Israelis
Football game between SCAF and the Salafi and Muslem Brotherhood teams on who will destroy the Revolution first.
Ministry of Interior men who were shooting at the Demonstrators
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, SCAF, supported by America in the form of McDonalds
“Ahmed Harara, your silence kills me” He was shot in the eye, went to Paris where they tried, unsuccessfully , to restore his sight.
Self explanatory
Against the one-sided  normalisation of relations with Israel
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