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Views from the island of Birka, site of the ancient Viking town of Vikingstaden on Lake Malaren. Summer 2017.
The site had the following poem called "The Forest Grove, Gimle"; She sees come up a second time earth out of ocean once again green The waterfalls flow, an eagle flies over in the hills hunting fish
A Box influenced by a day spent on the island, titled "Skogsra, a beautiful woodland faery who lures men into the woods, performed by Freyja, drawn by Arthur Rackham"
Dusk on the West coast of Sweden, July 10, 2018
Sunset on the Island of Vaderoarnas off the west coast
Fishermans hut, now second home, at Smogen, on the west coast of Sweden.
Fishermans huts at Smogen, tidied up and upcycled as second homes , romantic or heritaged in aspic!
A series of paintings by the popular Swedish artist Carl Larsson [1853-1919] , with modern equivalents. Here "Breakfast under the Big Birch"
Midsummer lunch at Gardsnas
Carl Larsson's house in Smaland, Sweden.
A cottage at Sandhamn, an island in the Archipelago. note the typical Falurod red paint, known in Norway as Gamelrod.
Carl Larsson's "Christmas Eve", painted in 1904
de Mare family Boxing Day at Park Walk, 2018
A painting by Josef van Bredael [1688-1739] titled "A Village Kermesse with figures dancing around a maypole"
Midsummer in Gardsnas in Sweden, dancing around the "midsummerarstang". The girlsheadbands of flowers called "krans". Very much a pagan fertility rite wear. Another famous Swedish artist Anders Zorn painted a similar picture in 1879.
A weathered pine tree on the Island of Sandhamn by the Swedish artist Arthur Bianchini [1869-1955]. Painted in 1891 and exhibited on the island in 2014.
A Baltic Pine photographed by Simon de Mare on the island of Sandhamn in 2014
A pair of boxes by Simon influenced by Swedish summer. This one is titled "Some Day My Prince will Come". The view through the window is of Lake Nassjon near Mullsjo in central Sweden.
This box is titled "A visit of a Naiad from Lake Nassjon" sitting on the window sill of a birch bark cladded house. The grass and lichens are from the area.
A long languid dusk. View through the window of the Vaderoarnas Vardshus Hotel on the island of Vaderoarnas, West coast of Sweden.
Jon and Katherine
The Heyman Wedding. James and Elinor Heyman with family at Nas Gard on Lake Nassjon near Mullsjo, Sweden.
Alex and Tilly at the wedding
Margaret and Simon de Mare at Smogen.
And in front of the 17 th. century Drottningholm Palace outside Stockholm>
It's a sailors life for me, on the ferry to Sandhamn for a herring lunch.
Sailing on Jon's yacht on course for Brandskaren.
Rolf de Mare [1888-1964], son of Henrick de Mare and Ellen Roosval von Hallwyl, founder of the Ballet Suedois in Paris in the 1920's. Paining by Nils von Dardel [1888-1943].
A Bust of Rolf de Mare in the Museum of Dance in Stockholm. Rolf is a distant relation of Simon de Mare, whose great grandfather Johan Gustaf de Mare [1820-1882] was the younger brother of Rolf's great great grandfather Anders Baltzar de Mare [1798-1882].
Crest of Rolf's great great grandfather Baltzar de Mare in the Hall of Nobles in Stockholm
Restaurant named after Rolf in Stockholm
Jon, Katherine and Margaret in Stockholm 2014
Jon, Katherine, Margaret and Simon at the Ett Hem Hotel, Skoldungagatan 2, Stockholm.
In praise of Sweden's IKEA
Sculptures on buildings in Stockholm
Man and mermaid
Wild flowers from Sweden
Pressed flowers
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